Data Transformation & Warehousing

Extract & transform data from any website, API, or file

Data mining freeware and data as a service for ETL pipelines

Data Ingestion

Sometimes you come across a dataset which is gigabytes in size, or an API and you have to change the format into one your database will ingest. Coding something custom is time-consuming and if there are multiple data sources you might have to create several pipelines which is a tedious task.

Extract and transform HTML, XML, JSON, CSV

Using Optimus Mine for data pipelines, you can extract and transform HTML, XML, JSON or CSV, and load data directly to your databases or cloud storage buckets. You can use the Optimus Mine freeware with no limitations on scalability and configuration and create completely automated data pipelines. Or you can hire our team to collect, clean, and warehouse data as a service.

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