A simple ETL tool which is fast, and intuitive to use

Automate business processes by integrating directly with your favourite applications.

The complete data management solution

Optimus Mine is an ETL pipeline application that helps users move data between multiple sources and destinations quickly and easily, with no programming skills required.

Extract structured data from a variety of sources such as websites, APIs, and files. Support for a variety of database formats is included, as well as tools for transforming data for JSON, XML, CSV, and HTML.

Performance & scalability

Scalable solution for processing large datasets. This cloud-based platform can scale to meet the needs of even the largest data sets and process billions of records per day.


Our security is at the forefront of our product. Every pipeline runs on its own server, which means you'll never have a breach. We encrypt your secrets with AES encryption and data is encrypted in transit.


We support your business with custom integrations, expert technical assistance, and customised solutions tailored to the unique needs of you and your business.

What our clients say

A data connector for every source

Our integrations allow you to work with just about every database platform available, and if we don't have one that fits your needs, we'll build it for free!

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Get answers to your specific questions, and find out why Optimus Mine is the right choice for your business.