Fully managed web scraping services

Get data from any website, one time or as a feed in the format you need.

Collect, clean and warehouse data at scale

Managing web scraping applications at scale without infrastructure is an operations nightmare. If you are looking to mine millions of data points in a reasonable amount of time.

Our concierge program is like having your own data mining assistant in your team. We reduce the amount of time your team will spend learning new skills, and managing web scraping operations so they can focus on tasks that require more sophistication like data science, product development and growing your business.

One-off Data

Data collected from the web only once and delivered in your chosen format.

From £500

Data Subscriptions

Data collected on a regular basis and delivered as files or API.

From £500 per month

Enterprise Solutions

Innovate, perform heavy duty analysis and build new data products.

On quotation


We help you search for data sources that can provide insight into solving your businesses problems.


We setup and launch OptimusMine in the cloud, schedule operations and make the data ready to consume.


We load your data into into secure, scalable cloud databases for super fast queries.


We provide access to you data via APIs or cloud storage.

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Why use Optimus Mine?

Fully Customisable

Extract, transform & warehouse data from any website, API or file.


Optimus Mine can scale to scraping billions of pages per day!

Guaranteed Results

We get the data you need in the format you need it or you get your money back.

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