Free web scraping software

Automate the process of extracting valuable information from websites.

Free application to help you collect & extract data from the internet

How is it so damn fast?

Optimus Mine has been built with a system-level programming language which allows it to communicate more directly with the machines hardware. So the software can be highly performant and utilise efficient ways of extracting data like concurrency unlike more popuar programming languages like Python.

How easy is it to setup?

Configuring a crawler using one of our templates takes around 30 minutes.

You do not require any programming skills and we offer tutorial videos and tools to help you get setup.

Why is it free?

The software has been built to promote our enterprise services. It's free forever installed on your own machine or infrastructure.

But if you are a larger organisation you might be interested in scaling using our cloud based services.

Why use Optimus Mine?

Fully Customisable

Extract, transform & warehouse data from any website, API or file.

Fast & Easy

Get up & running in 5 minutes. No previous coding experience required.


Free for commercial use. No limitations!

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